Custom and Standard World Class LCD Displays

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Phoenix Display International Inc. (PDI) designs and manufactures standard, semi-custom, and full custom liquid crystal displays (LCD) & modules.

As a full-service custom LCD display manufacturer, PDI specializes in small format (typically 6.4″ and less) character, graphic, monochrome, and color TFT displays. Customers leverage PDI’s decades of LCD experience, technical expertise, and manufacturing capabilities to obtain the most competitively priced, highest-quality LCD displays. These LCD display module solutions span the spectrum from off-the-shelf standard products to completely custom LCD display solutions. PDI is your ideal partner whether you need a character LCD display, graphic LCD, or a full color LCD screen with restive or projective capacitive touch panel options.

Custom-LCD-Displays-Custom-LCD-Modules-Phoenix-Display-InternationalMatching an existing production display?

Phoenix Display has many customers that are hindered by their current LCD display manufacturer or supplier. Whether it is an issue of cost, quality, logistics, performance, end-of-life condition, or a just a general lack of responsiveness, PDI is able to easily assess any existing production LCD module and then provide a superior solution, improving its customer’s business on a variety of fronts. Commonly, PDI uses its customers’ existing display and end product to create a new, 100% compatible cross-matched display, fully testing all aspects and making the final product ready for the quick and easy transition into production.


Developing a new product that requires a Custom LCD display?

Phoenix Display has a broad range of standard products as well as strength in manufacturing custom LCD displays to meet a specific application. Phoenix Display will lead the display-definition process for its customers, taking the process from concept to prototyping to final qualification, all the while ensuring that all technical needs are being met. As part of the manufacturing process, PDI always starts with the application to determine the exact product requirements. From there, PDI develops a specification to balance the technical needs with the commercial requirements.

Custom LCD Solutions:

  • Custom LCD Displays
  • Custom LCD Modules
  • Custom LCD Screens

Whether you’re looking for a standard character display, graphic LCD, color LCD screen, or custom LCD solution, Phoenix Display has the ingenuity, expertise, and experience to take your project or product to the next level.