Generic Part
Module Size
W x H x T (mm)
Active Area
W x H (mm)
InterfaceTouch PanelBrightnessPDF
1.44"128 × 128PDI144011CPIL-P30.3x34.4x3.425.5x26.58 bit 8080 system parallelRTP78%>200 Nits
3.5"320 X 240PDI350MTQI-0264.0 X 85. X 3.0 MAX53.64 X 71.52RGB 18 BI +SPIOptional
1.77″128×160PDI018A0P-S1334.70 x 46.70 x 2.5535.04 x 28.038080 MPU 8bitOptional170 Nits
2.0′′176 × 220PDI20CC059A37.68x51.30x2.1531.68x39.60Parallel MCUOptional180 Nits
2.2"240 x 320PDI022042CMHX41.70x56.16x2.4333.86x45.124-wires SerialOptional200 Nits
2.36"480 x 234PDI236MZQO-0155.20x47.55x2.9048.00x35.698 Bit RGBOptional260 Nits
2.6"240 x 320PDI026036HSST46.00x64.00x2.1543.2x57.6N/AOptional200 Nits
3.0′′240 x 400PDI2404009G(R)...45.00x77.00x3.9538.88x64.8016-Bit ParallelRTP140 nits
3.2″240×320PDI314C-02A 77.7x55.04x2.563.84x47.87MPU I/F (8/9/16/18), RGB I/F (18 bit)RTP200 Nits
3.5″320×480PDI035FP-0154.66 X 82.94 X 2.273.44 X 48.968080 MPU (16 bit bus)RTP210 nits
3.5′′240 x 320PDI350MTQV-0176.9x63.9x3.070.08x52.5624 Bits RGBRTP300 Nits
3.5″240 x 320PDI035TC-Z0176.9 X 63.9 X 3.170.08 X 52.568/ 9/ 16/ 18-bit
6800-series / 8080-series
Parallel and SPI
Optional280 Nits
4.3″480×272PDI430MINI-0562.48 X 105.5 X 2.993.6 X 56.1624 Bits RGBOptional250 Nits
4.3"480 x 272PDI430MTWH-06105.5x67.2x4.195.04x53.8624-Bits RGBRTP350 Nits
4.3"480 x 800PDI430MHWH-0162.66x105.95x2.256.16x93.608/9/16/18/24-bits MCUOptional250 Nits
5.0"800 × 480PDI500MTWH-03120.70 x 75.80 x 3.96108.0x64.824-Bit RGBRTP550 Nits
5.0"800 × 480PDI500MTWH-01120.70 x 75.80 x 3.95108.0x64.824-Bit RGBRTP250 Nits
5.0"480 x 272PDI500MZNI-01105.5x67.2x2.995.04x53.8624-Bit RGBOptional200 Nits
5.7″320×240PDI057H01104.6x 144.0 x 12.3 86.4x115.2 RGB 18-bitOptional500 Nits
7.0"800×480PDI070CBOT-02WP164.9x100.0x4.7154.08x85.926 bits +FRC driver with 1 channel TTLRTP470 Nits
7.0"1024x600PDI700MIXN-02165.75x105.59x3.4015.39x50.00LVDSOptional350 Nits
10.1"1280x800PDI109-28CMI-32A229.5x149.1x2.7229.46x135.6LVDSOptional320 Nits
10.4"800 x 600PDI-800600..228.4x175.4x8.675213.20x160.95RGB & IICOptional250 Nits
11.0″1280×120PDI-1280120110­-2288.92 x 38.6 x 7.6280.32 x 27.06-bit RGBOptional450 Nits
12.1″800×600 PDI121TC-XL01 279.0 x 209.0 x 11.0 246 x 184.5LVDS, RGB 8-bitOptional400 nits
15.0″1024×768PDI150TC-L01326.5 x 253.5 x 11.8304.13 x 228.1LVDS,RGB 8-bitOptional400 nits

This list may not be fully comprehensive of all of the products that are current available. Please contact us for additional requirements.

When your project demands the imagery and definition of a full-color display, the Color LCD Screen modules available from Phoenix Display International provide a versatile solution to your color display needs. Available in a variety of sizes and capable of displaying a full range of color, the standard TFT color LCD display modules from Phoenix Display can be integrated into any number of projects in multiple applications. In addition, if one of our color LCD display modules doesn’t suit your needs, Phoenix Display can create a Custom LCD Display designed to your unique specifications.


If you’re looking into an outdoor application, Phoenix Display also has full Color TFT Display options in sunlight-readable or true transflective configurations to make you product shine even in the outdoor environment as well as the indoor showroom. And if touch screens are needed, we can use our standard or custom resistive and projected capacitive touch panels for any application.

Our TFT display modules are now Phoenix Display’s most popular Color LCD Screen technology, offering clients super image quality and vivid color reproduction in a versatile and dependable display module. Designed to meet the ever-growing need to display graphical content with high brightness, high contrast, and full-speed video capability, our full-Color LCD Screen modules are suited to handle today’s graphical display needs in stunning, lifelike color.

View our selection of Color LCD Screen modules below or contact Phoenix Display International for a custom LCD/TFT quote in less than 24 hours.