• Graphic Display

    Graphic Display

    The graphic LCD display from Phoenix Display is still the workhouse of the display technologies. Its easily customize nature and low cost make this a popular solution. These graphic displays come in all different glass and backlight options to meet the optical needs of each application.

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  • Character Display

    Character Display

    Character LCD display modules from Phoenix Display are one of the most cost-effective liquid crystal display options available. Capable of depicting text only, these character LCD displays are defined as having a 5×7 or 5×8 pixel clusters used for each character. These products are offered in multiple configurations and can easily be customized to fit any specific application.

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  • Mono TFT

    Mono TFT

    Monochrome TFT LCDs provide a high performance solution for industrial and automotive instrumentation, audio/visual displays and industrial devices that do not require full color. They offer an excellent contrast ratio, high resolution, wide viewing angles, fast response time, sunlight readability and wide operating temperatures. The mono TFT is designed to be compatible with the traditional passive counterparts, and can accommodate different viewing modes for optimal indoor and/ or outdoor use.

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  • Custom LCD Display

    Custom LCD Display

    Phoenix Display’s U.S.-based, local engineering team will determine the optimal LCD display module based on the specific application. We start by determining the right technology for the application, and then design in the right pixel format, glass type, and backlight configuration.

    From there, our engineering team will work to design the ideal LCD display module with the right electrical and mechanical interface, as well as any additional options needed, such as controllers, DC-DC converters, and touchscreens.

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  • Outdoor Displays

    Outdoor Displays

    When your project demands the imagery and definition of a full-color display in an outdoor application, the Phoenix Display Sunlight Readable color LCD modules provide an optimal solution. The two options to achieve sunlight readable displays are to use a transflective color TFT LCD panel or the sunlight readable enhanced tranmissive TFT LCD panel. As the true transflective panel can be more expensive and are very limited in available sizes, Phoenix Display can also create the sunlight readable configuration from any of the standard transmissive color TFT displays.

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  • Color Displays

    Color Displays

    Phoenix Display utilizes the latest display technology to achieve the highest contrast, viewing, angles and color saturation for each color TFT display type. These color TFT displays can be customizable for each unique application and designed meet the industry’s growing demand for increased information content

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