Phoenix Display International Inc. (PDI) designs and manufactures standard, semi-custom, and full custom LCD modules.

As a full service provider of LCD modules, PDI specializes in small format (typically 15” and less) character display, graphic display, color display, and custom display formats. Our Customers leverage PDI’s decades of LCD display experience, technical expertise, and manufacturing capabilities to obtain the most competitively priced, highest quality LCD module solution. These solutions span the spectrum from off the shelf standard products to completely custom display based solutions. PDI’s mission is to actively engage our customers early in the design phase. We will utilize our years of LCD experience and our understanding of the compete LCD module system to provide a smooth transition from design concept to prototypes, through pilot run and into high volume production.

Alternatively, if a 100% identical cross match design of an existing display is needed, our team will evaluate your current solution, offer any recommendations for design improvement and then quote accordingly, typically saving up to 20%. Once PDI develops a 100% compatible drop-in replacement display, this LCD module is then fully tested and qualified in the product application prior to shipping. This process insures a plug and play solution.

PDI produces its LCD displays utilizing the latest or most practical technology trends including Chip on Glass (COG), Chip on Board (COB), Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) and Chip on Flex (COF). PDI can integrate touch panels into any of our display systems. In addition to a full portfolio of standard and custom LCD modules, PDI offers manufacturing services to build your display into the next higher sub-assembly or final assembly to give customers the competitive cost advantages afforded to those utilizing off-shore based manufacturing. Often this practice includes integrating the display design and existing peripheral components such as PCB’s, switches, overlays and custom cables which eliminates interconnects, improves the overall system reliability and most importantly, reduces cost.

PDI’s customers typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Customers that need a new supplier for an existing production display. This occurs for a variety of reasons including cost pressures, lead time concerns, quality issues, stocking needs, or lack of responsiveness from current LCD supplier.
  • Customers that have a new program and require a display solution.This can either be a standard or custom display, and may require engineering support to determine the best display solution.
  • Customers that need a display, but may also be looking for a more integrated solution. Sometimes this includes a display, touch panel, keypad, I/O connector and custom PCB solution.

To insure production quality, PDI factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and are ISO9001:2008 Quality Certified. In addition, having factories with front and back end glass processing, as well as module assembly, helps reduce lead-times, while providing lower cost solutions. With vertically integrated organizations, factory personnel have a better “system” understanding and can quickly respond to our customers needs.

Whatever your display needs are; contact Phoenix Display International to help determine the perfect product for your unique application.



We came to Phoenix Display with a design concept for a new way to utilize an LCD module. After a few discussions with their design team, we quickly learned why our design was not feasible, and could not be manufactured. Within only few days, the Phoenix Display team came up with a better way of accomplishing our objective, and then followed up by developing this LCD display concept for us. Product development processes are typically stressful undertakings, but ...

Schneider Electric

After getting an obsolete notice for our display, we contacted Phoenix Display. After a few weeks they had crossed our existing display and we were able to very quickly and easily qualify their product. Also, they agreed to carry stock in the US, which helped prevent many line down situations as our forecasting could not predict the actual demand well enough to get order placed within lead-time. Phoenix Display has been providing this same display configuration now for ...


At the top corporate level we selected Phoenix Display as our LCD supplier to promote at our individual business units. To date: Phoenix Display is now supporting 4 different businesses with 12 different display platforms. PDI has now been successfully providing displays for over 8 years, and with the consistent delivery, engineering and design support, PDI has successfully freed up our group to be able to focus on other areas of the business.

GE Healthcare

In the medical industry, we could not afford to re-qualify our product around an alternate display. Phoenix Display came in with a carefully designed exact match to the display that had been obsoleted by our previous supplier. We found that once in production, the quality was even higher with the PDI display as well. We transition a second display to PDI with the same results.

M.H. Senior Director, Material Management, Hypercom Corporation

Phoenix Display has been a critical contributor to our ability to deliver high volume point of sale terminal systems to our market. Their capability to control quality and costs as well as support our rapid changes in demand convinced us to continue with Phoenix Display on 12 different LCD platforms.

J.C. Director, Product Manufacturing & Management, Iridium Satellite LLC

As a result of long lead-times and missed schedule commitments from our original LCD suppler, we reached out to Phoenix Display. Phoenix Display customized a 100% identical display to our original display, which was critical as we could not make any changes to our product at this mature stage. PDI was able to meet our schedule demands so we could once again begin to consistently meet our end customer commitments, while reducing our display cost as well.

R.E. Co-Founder, PerfectPass Control Systems Inc.

We engaged with Phoenix Display in 2006. Phoenix Display recommended a minor technology change to our existing LCD display as well as incorporated a supplementary PCB into their display solution. Their focus was more on our overall product, rather than just the LCD display component. The result was an improved look of our product, as well as a reduction in system cost. Since then, we also designed an additional LCD with Phoenix Display for our second speed ...


PDI continues to provide a number cost leading display solutions for our highly cost completive POS platforms.

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