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Displays for Companies Needing a New Supplier | Case Study

Graphics LCD Display Review

A Leading OEM in the Point of Sale (POS) Industry contacted PDI in early 2010 with serious lead time concerns. Their current LCD supplier was making a major push towards TFT. This coupled with severe post-Chinese New Year worker shortages, made their current graphics LCD lead time a major focal point. At 16-18 weeks, they were turning down sales.

They approached Phoenix Display to produce a hardware and software drop in replacement with the intent of reducing their lead time to 10 weeks. Based on projected volumes, we were able to provide a 6 week lead time through procurement of a few longer lead time items. An additional benefit to our customer was a cost reduction of 18%! This program turned out to be so effective, that it wasn’t long before other the display programs followed.

The ground work for PDI was laid on our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations. On average, PDI reduces customers’ display cost by 15% – 20%. At the same time PDI also focuses on the critical needs of customers’, such as improving; lead-time, logistics, performance or quality. Based on PDI’s ability to address these needs, PDI now supplies nine different LCD modules to this POS customer.



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