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Displays for New Product Manufacturing | Case Study

Phoenix Display Client Testimonial

A major supplier of Government communication devices needed a display for a new product platform and contacted PDI for ideas. PDI had been able to solve some previous design problems with innovative solutions, so PDI was the first supplier this customer reached out to. PDI starts the process with a cost analysis by technology, which quickly narrowed the scope to small format TFT technology. The second analysis follows by determining the common platform within that technology to ensure longevity and availability of supply. After selecting the TFT glass, we were able to recommend and design a custom high brightness backlight, resistive touch panel, custom flex, metal frames and anti reflective polarizers for sunlight readability.

As a result, PDI provided a cost effective solution that exceeded the customer’s fit, form and function design requirements. This process allowed our customer to quickly develop a product that helped to differentiate them from the competition and develop an award winning product.



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