Phoenix Display Provides Cost Effective LCD Modules

A customer in the industrial printing arena contacted PDI with a requirement for a new graphics LCD display. This display was to be mounted on a PCB with a custom keypad configuration, LEDs, circuitry and connection to their mother board. This customer was unsure whether it would be cheaper for Phoenix Display to provide the LCD modules as a standalone display, or if it was more efficient to have PDI provide a more comprehensive assembly which includes the PCB with LED switches and connectors for the LCD display as well.

After quick design discussions and iterations, PDI was able to provide the entire solution consisting of a custom PCB assembly, push buttons and one or our existing graphics display with backlight. PDI used components from an extensive library of products to act as building blocks for this subassembly. As a result, tooling was minimized and the ability to leverage these components from other high volume programs helped ensure the most cost effective solution. To date, PDI provides several such assemblies to this customer with unique domestic stocking programs and worldwide logistics to satisfy its global manufacturing strategy.



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