Custom Graphic LCD

Phoenix Display International specializes in manufacturing custom graphics LCDs and has for 10+ years.  Our custom graphics LCD engineers build to fit the exact specifications of your project and are build to fit and exceed your standards and expectations.


We at Phoenix Display International pride ourselves on our custom LCD’s and know how important building custom made graphic displays with the exact requirements needed for your product is.  We start by taking an in depth look at what needs to be done in order for your custom display to be perfect. By treating each customer as a totally new and unique project we are able to successfully

Once our graphic LCD engineers figure out exactly what is needed to complete your project we begin to design the perfect custom graphics LCD for you.  We are then able to suggest a full custom, semi-custom, or standard display to fit your needs. Phoenix Display specializes in mid-high volume Graphic Custom LCD orders.

Phoenix Display offers a unique CrossMatch LCD program where we have the ability to match any graphic LCD product that you currently are being supplied with from another manufacturer. We can also take any custom graphic LCD design you have and apply the design to our crossmatch program to serve one of the needs you may be lacking from your current manufacturer. (Click here to see the most common reason people switch custom graphic lcd suppliers)

Although creating graphic LCDs, that are custom to your project, may sound expensive, it may actually save you a large amount of money on your total project scope.  Creating a custom graphic display will eliminate the chance of having unnecessary components and parts of your LCD, this creates an opportunity for you to purchase only the exact display components you need.

Phoenix Display International has plenty of experience in creating custom custom LCDs and knows exactly what it takes to make your project completely perfect and save you as much money as possible. Contact us today and let us show you how choosing a custom LCD graphic is the best option for your project.


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