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Custom Monochrome LCD Displays & Custom TFT Displays - Made to Your Specifications

Phoenix Display International specializes in creating custom LCD displays for clients in a variety of business sectors. Our expert engineering team has extensive experience in creating custom displays based on your project’s final application, and will handpick and customize an LCD display module to fit the exact specifications of your project or product. In the process, we’re often able to create efficiencies and offer superior customer service that other LCD Screen manufacturers simply cannot, or will not, provide.

The process of designing your custom LCD display solution begins at our company headquarters, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team of engineers starts by taking a deep dive into your project, getting to know the product inside and out, learning the specifics, parameters, and end-use application. Based on this knowledge, we’re able to define or design the ideal LCD display, whether it is a character LCD display, a graphic LCD, a color LCD screen, or a completely custom LCD display solution.

Once the type of display is determined:

  • Our team then designs the optimal graphical display pixel format, taking into account the ideal glass type and backlight configuration.
  • From there, our team will design a custom electrical and mechanical interface for your LCD display, engineering in any extras your project may need, including controllers, converters, or touch-sensitive screens.
  • If necessary, we’re able to combine additional components, including printed circuit boards, into the assembly to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies among the connections in your end product, reducing the overall cost of production.

Phoenix Display knows the custom LCD display manufacturing process, so you don’t have to, to get the perfect solution for your product.

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