Phoenix Display International has a unique process that allows us to not only CrossMatch all competitor LCD screens, but our expert team of engineers can also walk you through a step by step process to create a custom LCD screen for any application. Being a top provider of custom LCD screens, our engineers recognize that no two projects are the same.  We are able to take an in depth look at your project, understand all parameters of the product, and most importantly put together a custom LCD screen to reach your goals.

There are two types of customers that implement our custom LCD screens:

  • A customer developing a new product.  These customers will often choose a custom LCD screen over a standard LCD screen to be able to take advantage of a seamless integration into the end product while still taking advantage of our high volume pricing. And because these custom LCD screens are designed for a specific application, there is no waste in the design. And as a result, these LCD’s are often less expensive than the comparable standard LCD screen.  By choosing a custom LCD screen, our clients are able to work as team with PDI to avoid issues during the design process, such as mechanical and electrical constraints.
  • The second type of customer is one that is CrossMatching an existing display. The CrossMatch Program utilizes a custom LCD screen designed by Phoenix Display to completely match an existing product while solving any or all of the 5 display related issues. These are customers that have an existing designed product, and are unhappy with their current LCD screen supplier.


Our custom LCD screen development process starts with PDI examining the end product. Here we are able to learn the goals and objectives of the product as well as how the user will interact with this device. From there, we are able to put together a tailored solution and determine the correct LCD screen technology to accomplish the desired optical performance in an optimized mechanical package in the most cost effective way possible.



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