What is a Sunlight Readable or Outdoor Readable LCD?

Born of a need for outdoor applications and a lack of available transflective panels, Sunlight
Readable Displays combine the right type of anti-reflective front polarizer and high-efficiency
rear polarizer, allowing the cell to reuse some of the sunlight’s energy. Used in concert with
a higher-brightness backlight, the overall image quality in an indoor, high ambient light
environment is greatly improved. It is important to note that in order for the Sunlight Readable
Display to function properly in an outdoor environment, the backlight will need to be engaged.

The Sunlight Readable TFT Display is capable of reflecting more light, making it better suited
for use in direct, outdoor sunlight than a standard transmissive display. In this configuration
the display is considered to be Sunlight Readable, but it will not be as efficient in reflective
mode as the true transflective TFT cell. To further enhance the user experience in direct sunlight
conditions, it is also recommended that the user limit the image content to high-contrast images
whenever possible.

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