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What is the brightness requried for each application?

Each color display application will vary depending on the intended use of the LCD, the contrast,
and the ambient light environment that the display is in. A typical standard notebook or desktop
LCD display in office lighting conditions are in the 200-250 NIT range. In an LCD display
intended for mixed use of both indoors and with the potential for uncontrolled or indirect
sunlight, 500-900 NITs is recommended. For mainly outdoor or direct sunlight applications,

1,000 NITs or above is suggested.

If the color display has transflective properties, then the backlight does not need to compete with
the ambient sunlight. In this outdoor application, the glass will revert to a reflective mode, and
the display only needs to rely on the backlight for the indoor or low-light applications.

Monochrome displays do not have the same requirements. As most monochrome displays can
easily adopt a rear transflective polarizer, there is no need to have a bright backlight compete
with the sun in an outdoor application. The transflective properties will suffice, and therefore the
backlight only needs to support the indoor or low-light applications. Additionally, the content
of a monochromatic black-on-white image does not require the same brightness as a full-color
TFT display to maintain good viewability of the content. A typical monochrome LCD will be
anywhere between 15 to 150 NITs.

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