Are custom displays more expensive than standard displays?

No, a custom display only implies that there is some element of tooling involved.

Custom displays are generally less expensive as they are designed specifically for the application


Are custom displays more expensive than standard displays?

This is a question that we get all the time. There’s a common misconception that custom displays are more expensive and yes, for most things custom usually means more, but when it comes to the mid volume LCD market it’s surprising that a custom display is typically a lower system level cost solution.

I’ll explain: with the standard off-the-shelf display you get what is available and typically there are components that are unnecessary for the given application or larger than required which adds cost. Additionally the integration between the end product in the display cannot be fully optimized with an off-the-shelf solution. Examples of this are: mounting feature types and locations, connector types, and cable lengths — to name a few.

To take this design efficiency even further, we achieve additional product integration by incorporating components on the display such as LEDs, buttons, ICS (which eliminate intermediate PCBs and streamline the assembly), all of which directly improves the overall cost. This only works because we support the mid volume display market. This volume level enables PDI to manufacture per individual order and in this manufacturing environment the cost is not driven by the custom nature of the product; it’s only determined by the volume and size and/or complexity of the components being manufactured. Therefore investing a few thousand dollars up front for the ideal custom solution typically results in a significant system level cost savings.

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