Can you match the display that I am getting from my supplier?


Can you match the display that I’m presently getting from my current supplier?

The short answer is yes, in almost all cases. But let me elaborate on the technical aspects.

For monochrome displays we retool the LCD glass, the backlight, PCB and anything else that is applicable for the display and as long as the LCD driver is still available, we guarantee a hundred percent identical replacement. And in the case that the IC is no longer available we recommend a replacement IC which is often a hundred percent compatible or in some cases requires a minor software update. And if the software update is required, we will assist with that software transition as well.

For color TFT projects we would use a common TFT glass platform and tool up the balance of the components to match the original design. And then the same holds true as long as the TFT glass is still available in production, we guarantee a hundred percent identical replacement. And in the case that the TFT LCD is no longer available, we will again recommend the closest replacement, which is often one hundred percent compatible as well.

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