When should I choose to go custom?


When should I choose to use a custom display instead of using a standard product?

There are actually two different scenarios that drive that decision.

First: you’re developing a new product. We refer to this as a new design. For a new design, it’s typically either a volume-based issue, where the volume is high enough (roughly five to ten thousand units per year) to easily justify the unit price savings from the closest standard display or during the design process will encounter mechanical constraints that will dictate that the solution will be a customized display.

The second scenario is if you’re cross matching a display. This means if you already have a design that’s most likely in production and needs to change to a new supplier and in this case our cross matching program includes the customization of a display in order to one hundred percent match the existing product. This eliminates the impact to our end customers product when crossing over with the Phoenix Display module.

To learn more about creating a new display or matching an existing display, visit PhoenixDisplay.com.

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