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Graphic-LCD-Module-Graphic-LCDPhoenix Display International offers a wide range of products and solutions for companies looking for a mid-high volume graphic LCD module manufacturer.  Our Graphic LCD Modules are known for their increased flexibility and clear display on all sizes and models, no matter what your product needs you can be certain our graphic display engineer can help you find the LCD necessary to accomplish your “viewing goals”

Our Graphic modules allow for complete pixel customization, have the ability to display graphics and/or text, and can even display both simultaneously.  If we can not help you find a perfect graphic LCD module to fit what you are looking for, our Phoenix Display International designers will help you to create a custom graphic LCD module to fit your exact specifications.

 Phoenix Display has been continuously recognized as the top graphic LCD module suppliers in the US over the past 10 years. This is largely due to the fact of our engineers shear attention to detail. Everything from the production of the graphic modules to making sure you are being supplied with a LCD module that will give you optimal viewing capabilities is done with a custom approach. Just as you feel your product isn’t like anything else out there, we feel that’s exactly how you should be treated! Our graphic module engineers know what to look for in the tooling, development, and implementation stages of your display into the end product.

Not EXACTLY what you need? We specialize in custom and semi-custom display solutions. Contact us about creating something that fits your exact specifications.

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At Phoenix Display, we design and manufacture standard, semi-custom and full custom LCD display modules for OEMs. Contact us today and let our engineering team evaluate your situation, then quickly and accurately provide a quote for your display needs.

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