Graphic LCD Modules Manufacture


For the application that needs more display content and increased flexibility, Phoenix Display offers their line of graphic LCD modules.
There are many options to pick from, so we start with identifying the needs of the end product through the following process.
Step one: Evaluating the amount of content needed which relates directly to the graphic display module’s resolution.
Step two: Determine the overall size of the graphic display module. In most cases this is as simple as maximizing the active area within the mechanical constraints of the end product.
Step three: Select to most compatible graphic LCD module’s interface option, and match with the available voltages accessible from the end products power supply.
Step four: Determine the optical configuration. This is the look of the display which includes the glass type, the viewing mode, backlight type and brightness.
Step five: Finally, fitting all of the above into the ideal mechanical configuration. We start by evaluating each standard product that meets the above needs and then make the determination if some level of customization will benefit the project. This involves the mechanical attachments the electrical interconnect and possibly the overall geometry of the graphic LCD module.
The end result is a graphic LCD module solution that has been optimized for a specific application and appropriately customized (if required) to reflect technical and commercial needs of the project.
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