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With PDI, you don’t have to become an LCD expert. Just focus on your business; we’ll take care of the rest, drawing upon our 25 years of expertise.

You’ll be supported by our team of engineers and business professionals. They will work closely on all aspects of the design, including technology selection, key attributes tradeoffs, and sampling. Once approved, our business professionals will manage all commercial aspects of the program including logistics, scheduling, local stocking and other risk mitigation features.

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Discover Tailored LCD Solutions: How Customization Leads to Your Business Success

This may surprise you: the most important part of providing you with an ideal LCD solution is not about engineering. It’s about you and your business.

Everything begins with your specific needs and goals

That’s why, before taking any action, we’ll get to know you and your business and how your product will be used. This will help prevent the most common and costly mistakes during the development of a display solution. We design the most effective solution for your needs. Effective, or efficient, means that the design is crafted to ensure minimal waste in the product design itself, ensuring that the custom LCD display is cost-effective and meets the design criteria without unnecessary expenses.

Our Expertise: Mid-Volume LCD Production

We specialize in small-format, mid-volume LCD production.

This means our facilities are highly efficient for volumes ranging from 5,000 units per year to approximately 200,000 units per year.

This is the sweet spot that allows us to provide you with tailor-made displays custom for your application and built in a cost-efficient higher volume.

Cost-Effective LCD Solutions

There are two product creation paths: New Product Design and Cross Match

New Product Design

This program is ideal for those developing new products or revitalizing existing ones.

The first step involves understanding your situation and determining the best approach to achieve your goals. We’ll thoroughly assess standard, semi-custom, and full-custom LCDs.

All too often, custom is thought to cost more. But when it comes to display technology, that’s not the case.

The truth is… custom solutions that meet your exact requirements will save costs by eliminating features you don’t need and improving the integration and the manufacturability.

The Common Misconceptions of Custom Displays

The MOQ for each build is between 500 and 1,000 pieces. Sometimes, with specific color TFT projects, this can be up to 2,000 pieces. Thus, MOQ isn’t really as bad as you would think. Often your supplier can even spread out the deliveries of a 2K order over a period of 6 months to a year. The hard facts are; if you’re running between 5,000 and 10,000 of any kind of product, there’s almost always an opportunity to improve by going custom.

Industry-standard lead times are typically 8 to 12 weeks, including build and shipping time. Of course, PDI also works with customers that need their orders expedited. Like the MOQ, lead times haven’t gone down much over the last 5 to 10 years, but this isn’t a bad thing, since they haven’t gone up either. Still, if customers have truly time-sensitive needs and require expediting, we can perform a manual expedite where we carefully look at every component and see where we can improve. In some instances, we have seen production lead-times go as low as three weeks.

Tooling cost is best separated into monochrome tooling and color tooling. Tooling cost for a complete monochrome design is about $6,500. This amount is very small when spread across 5,000+ units, especially when considering there is typically a cost savings from making the product more efficient when going custom. Tooling cost for a complete color design is about $80,000 with standard TN color TFT displays. On the higher end, a design with IPS could reach about $150,000. To note, typical order size for these types of designs double to 10,000+ units. But often the color TFT project will be semi-custom, meaning that we use an existing LCD glass platform and then design a custom display around this standard glass. In these cases the tooling is significantly lower; in the $3K-$6K range.

If you’re ordering in the mid-range volumes (5,000 to 100,000), custom will almost always be cheaper. That’s because an LCD display supplier that focuses on this market will be able to design in cost-saving opportunities. Since we are designing and manufacturing displays around what the customer is building, the display will be the right size, have the right features, and be better integrated for the end product’s manufacturing process. In practical terms, this means it will be easier to assemble and we can eliminate any redundancies like connectors, among other components, to eliminate waste and bring the cost down.

Cross Match Program

This program is ideal for those with an existing LCD but who have encountered one of these 5 Problems: delivery, obsolescence, quality, performance, or cost.

In the first phase, we’ll identify and address any or all of the five problems currently affecting your existing LCD technology.

Then we’ll create a display that’s 100% compatible with your existing system. This ensures that you won’t need to invest any additional resources in modifying your end product.


No matter what type of product you’re building, timely delivery of every component is critical. Even missing one part can bring an entire production to a grinding halt.

Here are some signs you might have a delivery problem on your hands:

  • You’re not receiving delivery confirmations from your suppliers.
  • There’s been an increase in variability with delivery times and/or missed commitments in terms of the delivery date.
  • You don’t receive responses quickly (or at all) when you inquire about missed or late deliveries.

If this sounds familiar, we can help.


Obsolescence happens when a part you use in your product design is no longer being made. If you manufacture a product long enough, you’ll almost certainly run into obsolescence at some point. Suppliers should get you this information as soon as it’s available so you can have enough time to come up with solutions before you’re in a bind but, unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

You might be facing obsolescence-based problems if:

  • You’re in the middle of building a product and your supplier suddenly announces a part is no longer available.
  • There has been a noticeable increase in the lead times associated with a particular component.
  • You’re seeing an uptick in the prices of subcomponents that get passed on as a price increase for assembled parts.

Are you worried that one of your critical parts is becoming obsolete? We can help.


Quality refers to how well a part conforms to its design specifications. In other words, components are intended to work within certain tolerances, under certain conditions, for a certain lifespan. When they fail to fulfill those expectations, you have a quality problem.

The quality of your product might be suffering if you notice the following:

  • An increase in out-of-the-box failures, which show up on your assembly line. This might look like a part that’s visibly damaged, or a part that’s been assembled into your product - then later is discovered to be incorrect.
  • An increase in field failures, which are even more problematic for your business. These often show up once a product has been shipped to the end user, and then doesn’t work or stops working long before its life cycle should be over.

Are you experiencing these symptoms of quality problems? We can get you back on track!


Performance refers to the initial setting of the design specification for the product, and is different from quality. A product’s performance suffers when its design fails to contain all the functions and features the end user needs. It’s important to stay on top of performance issues, so you don’t end up lagging in the market.

Here are two major signs that you have problems in this area:

  • You’re regularly hearing feedback from dissatisfied customers, which indicates your product should be better designed to meet their expectations.
  • Your competition’s product has more features than yours does, which points toward a performance gap.

Struggling with performance? We can help you get your competitive advantage back.


Cost might be the last reason a manufacturer thinks about change, but it’s still an important factor. Keep in mind that the cost of your product is more than the sum of the components and labor that go into it. It also includes the indirect infrastructure supporting the labor and material management.

You might have a cost problem if:

  • Your supplier has made an unexpected pricing increase.
  • You encounter market resistance (this could suggest you’ve been paying too much from the beginning, and are consequently charging too much for your product).
  • Your profitability has been slipping.

Running into any of these cost-related obstacles? Reach out to us to find out how you can get past them.

Discover the Perfect Display Solution for Your Business

Color TFT Displays

Our full color TFT LCD display modules are capable of producing vivid, high-quality images coupled with fast refresh rates and efficient power usage. Tailored to your specific requirements, options are available for enhanced sunlight readability and integrated touch screen functionality.


Custom Displays

Whether it is monochrome or color, Custom LCD screens will give you a level of product integration efficiency that standard ones simply cannot.

We can’t stress this enough – custom solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Monochrome LCD Displays

Monochrome LCD panels are ideal for text-based and simple graphic applications.They still offer high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and wide operating temperatures. When full color is not required in the application, monochrome is lower cost, lower power and requires less computing power.

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