Monochrome LCD Displays: The Most Cost-Effective LCD Solution

Still to this day, monochrome LCDs have their value position, especially when it comes to cost. This is because monochrome LCDs are less complex in terms of color filters, backlighting and CPU processing requirements. This results in a lower power consumption, lowerprocessing requirement and lower LCD display cost. This combination leads to a lower system level product cost. So, when the added information content of a color LCD display is not required by the application, the monochrome display is the ideal solution for end product profitability.

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When To Choose Monochrome LCDs?

When you don't need color

If full color is not necessary in your situation and a simpler monochrome display module issufficient. Meaning: will a more expensive color display either sell more of the end product orincrease the end product price in excess of the added costs?

When they're needed outside

Monochrome LCD screens typically use black or dark gray/green pixels in a dot matrix. This technology has three advantages: can be transflective (sunlight-readable), lower powerconsumption, and lower CPU processing power.

When you need them to withstand extreme conditions

Moreover, they even offer wide viewing angles and the ability to withstand extreme operating temperatures. Basically, Monochrome displays are built to perform a specific function and do so very well.

When To Choose Monochrome LCDs?

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Monochrome Format Types

Graphic LCD Display
A series of rows and columns that allow the user to create alphanumeric text or basic graphic images in any location on the LCD display.

Character LCD Display
A series of rows and columns that create individual pixels that allow the user to create only alphanumeric text in a specific location of the LCD display.

Icon LCD Display
Instead of rows and columns creating individual pixels, Icon displays incorporate fixed custom shapes. An example might be a charging battery icon with 3 levels.

Liquid Crystal Technologies

STN (Super Twisted Nematic) LCDs
These offer high contrast images and are easy on the power budget. This makes them ideal for battery-powered devices.

FSTN (Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic) LCDs
These are the upgraded versions of STN LCDs. They provide even better contrast, improved performance in extreme temperatures, and superior outdoor visibility. These come with a more black and white look to the display.

HTN (High Twisted Nematic) LCDs
These strike a balance between STN and FSTN displays. Their biggest advantage is the readability.

TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) Monochrome LCDs
These displays offer advantages such as improved image quality, faster response times, and precise pixel control. They’re typically only used in color displays but, for super high pixel density applications, we will use them for monochrome TFT, which is often found in X-ray imaging monitors.

Chip Placement Options

COB (Chip on Board) LCDs
If space is at a premium, these displays may be perfect for you. The display driver chip is directly mounted on the PCB, resulting in less wiring and a smaller form factor.

COG (Chip on Glass) LCDs
Ideal for reliability and space efficiency, as the driver chip is directly mounted on the glass substrate itself

The Two Most Important Parts To Consider

These are the two most important parts to consider when choosing a monochrome LCD for your application:

LCD Panel

It’s the heart and soul of any Monochrome LCD display module. This thin, flat glass sandwichcontains liquid crystal molecules that can be manipulated to control the passage of light. Tochoose the right LCD panel for you, consider its type, resolution, and size.


The choice and quality of the LED backlight is critical to the display's effectiveness, and it depends on the power efficiency, intensity and color you desire.Backlighting plays a different role depending on whether the LCD display is transmissive, reflective or transflective.

Our Expertise: Mid-Volume LCD Production

We specialize in small-format, mid-volume LCD production.

This means our facilities are highly efficient for volumes ranging from 5,000 units per year to approximately 200,000 units per year.

This is the sweet spot that allows us to provide you with tailor-made displays and ship them directly to your preferred location.

Tailor-Made, Cost-Effective LCD Solutions

These are our programs designed to provide you with the almost perfect LCD solution:

New Product Design

Ideal for new product development or refreshing existing ones. Often clients assume that semi-custom or full custom displays will cost more. Well, that’s simply not the case.

The truth is… custom solutions that meet your exact requirements will likely save cost by eliminating features you don’t need.

Cross Match

Ideal if you already have an existing LCD but encountered one of the five issues with LCD display (such as quality, performance, obsolescence, cost or delivery.)

Our Cross Match service creates a drop-in exact replacement, which eliminates the need for costly product changes.

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