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Color TFT LCD Displays



When your project demands the imagery and definition of a full-color liquid Crystal Display (LCD), the Color LCD modules available from Phoenix Display International provide a versatile solution to your color LCD display needs.  Let us walk you through the process, which starts with your specific application.

Phoenix Display full color LCD’s are available in a variety of sizes, technologies, aspect ratios and different add-ons.

The foundation of how this technology works:

The full color LCD panel is built on a thin film transistor (TFT) back plane which is also referred to as active-matrix LCDs.  This display technology allows us to place a transistor to hold the charge on each sub pixel location which increases the effectiveness of the LCD light valve and allows for a much higher resolution than the passive-matrix monochrome predecessor.  Each TFT display pixel is broken up into 3 individual RGB (red, green blue) sub pixels.  To create the full color the RGB sub pixels are combines with a color filter so that the amount of red, green, and blue light is controlled by the LCD fluid and polarizer film to recreate the 16M color variants.  The higher number of colors results in a higher image quality increasing the capability for the display to recreate any image content.

The two main TFT platforms are standard twisted nematic, TN, and in-plane switching, IPS.  IPS panels have significantly better viewing angles compared to TN panels. This means that colors and contrast remain more consistent when viewing the screen from different angles. In contrast, TN panels can suffer from color and contrast shifting when viewed from off-center angles, which can result in a lower effective contrast ratio.  While both IPS and TN panels can achieve high levels of brightness, IPS panels are often preferred when color accuracy and contrast are crucial as well as applications which require off axis high visibility. However, IPS has a slightly lower response time ranging from 4 to 8ms slower than TN.   The inclusion of higher brightness led backlights can also enhance the perception of contrast in certain situations.  Phoenix Display can modify the backlights of any display to achieve the desired brightness or to reduce power consumption.

Improve Visibility with Sunlight Readable TFT LCDs

For outdoor applications, our Outdoor Color TFT Display options may be perfect for you. They’re designed to be sunlight-readable or true transflective depending on the TFT panel availability. So your product will stand out in both outdoor environments as well as indoor showrooms.

Unique Sizes

Phoenix Display also offers it’s line of bar type displays.  These are designed for the wide aspect ratio applications and can be customized to be sunlight readable as well.

OLED Displays

For an alternate to the full color TFT display, OLEDs surpass IPS in picture quality and are known for their incredibly slim profile. They are often chosen for applications where space is limited, such as wearables.

Add Ons…

And if touch screens are needed, we can use our standard or custom resistive touchpanels or upgrade to capacitive touchscreen (CPT) for any LCD display application.  Most displays can accommodate a variety of interfaces from SPI, I2C, parallel, LVDS and in some cases HDMI.  We can customize according to your choice of connecters, whether it be board to board or ZIFF style.

At Phoenix Display, our expertise lies in the world of LCDs. We handle everything from design and tooling to logistics. You’ll get meticulous support during every stage of the process.


LCDs are our sole focus… So we know the right questions to ask you to prevent common and costly mistakes in display solution development.


We offer an array of TFT LCD screens in various sizes. And more importantly… high resolution, excellent contrast, and full-speed video capabilities.

The Most Cost-Effective LCD Solutions

These are our programs to give you the right LCD solution tailored to your needs:


  • New Product Design — Ideal for new product development or refreshing existing ones. Often clients assume that semi custom or full custom displays will cost more. Well, that’s simply not the case. The truth is… custom solutions that meet your exact requirements will likely save cost by eliminating features you don’t need.


  • Cross Match — Ideal if you already have an existing LCD but encountered one of the 5 issues with LCD displays. (Such as quality, performance, obsolescence, cost or delivery.) Our Cross Match service creates a drop-in exact replacement. And that eliminates the need for costly product changes.


Unsure About the Right LCD Solution for You?

If you’re unsure about the right LCD solution for your project, our team of engineers is ready to assist you. We’ll evaluate your needs and provide a tailored quote for your display requirements.

Not EXACTLY what you need? We specialize in custom and semi-custom display solutions. Contact us about creating something that fits your exact specifications.

Let's Talk Display Solutions

At Phoenix Display, we design and manufacture standard, semi-custom and full custom LCD display modules for OEMs. Contact us today and let our engineering team evaluate your situation, then quickly and accurately provide a quote for your display needs.