Generic Part
Module Size
Active Area
Interface Touch
Brightness PDF
2.9 320x120 PDI029XQ04NS
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76.90 x 38.22 x 3.26 70.56 x 26.46 RGB Optional 300 nits PDF
3.9 480x128 PDI039QWQ01HS
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105.5 x 40.64 x 2.95 95.04 x 25.34 RGB Optional 500 nits PDF
4.6 800x320 PDI046QWV04HS
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120.7 x 56.16 x 3.1 108 x 43.2 RGB Optional 550 nits PDF
5.8″ 800 x 320 PDIS058HWV04HS
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154.40 x 63.34 x 3.5 mm 137.52 x 51.44 mm RGB without 600 Nits PDF
6.5 800x320 PDI065SWV02HG
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165 x 72.86 x 3.5 154.08 x 57.28 RGB Optional 450 nits PDF
8.8 1280x320 PDI088SWX03NB
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229.66 x 67.5x 3.50 216.96 x 54.24 LVDS Optional 400 nits PDF
9 1280x240 PDI090AWX01HS
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237 x 58.95 x 4.0 223.68 x 42 LVDS Optional 600 nits PDF
12.3 1920x720 PDI123AWU01ES
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312.40 x 134.86 x 7.30 292.32 x 109.62 LVDS Optional 1000 nits PDF
21.3 1920 x 540 PDIS213BWU02HG
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547.4 x 175.40 x 19.0 mm 521.28 x 146.61 mm RGB Optional 700 PDF
Not EXACTLY what you need? We specialize in custom and semi-custom display solutions. Contact us about creating something that fits your exact specifications.

When your project demands the imagery and definition of a full-color display, but with a unique wide aspect ratio format, the Phoenix Display Bar Type LCD displays are the ideal design candidate. Available in a variety of sizes and capable of displaying a full range of color, the Bar Type TFT color LCD display modules from Phoenix Display can be integrated into any number of projects in multiple applications. In addition, if one of our standard display modules doesn’t suit your needs, Phoenix Display can create a Custom LCD Display designed to your unique specifications.

If you’re looking into an outdoor application, Phoenix Display has the ability to transform these into sunlight readable configurations to make you product shine even in the outdoor environment as well as the indoor showroom. And if touch screens are needed, we can use our standard or custom resistive and projected capacitive touch panels for any application.

Our TFT display modules are now Phoenix Display’s most popular Color LCD Screen technology, offering clients super image quality and vivid color reproduction in a versatile and dependable display module. Designed to meet the ever-growing need to display graphical content with high brightness, high contrast, and full-speed video capability, our full-Color LCD Screen modules are suited to handle today’s graphical display needs in stunning, lifelike color.

View our selection of Color LCD Screen modules below or contact Phoenix Display International for a custom LCD/TFT quote in less than 24 hours.

This list may not be fully comprehensive of all of the products that are current available. Please contact us for additional requirements.

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At Phoenix Display, we design and manufacture standard, semi-custom and full custom LCD display modules for OEMs. Contact us today and let our engineering team evaluate your situation, then quickly and accurately provide a quote for your display needs.

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