4.3″ Bar Type TFT LCD with CTP 

Phoenix Display International PDIS043HWV104EN-FC63 is a bar type 4.3″ TFT liquid crystal display (LCD) with a module size of 120.7mm x 30.00mm x 4.32mm, and an active area 108.00mm x 17.55mm. This product is TFT, Positive, Transmissive glass with an 800(RGB) x 130 resolution. Its brightness is 800 nits with a contrast ratio of 1000. Using a ST7262 driver with an RGB interface. Typical displays offer the mainstream aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. For some applications, the bar-type shape of the display panel would be better suited than the current mainstream in order to fit the application and to display the required information. The module is suitable for server systems, audio systems, advertising displays, security equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, drone controls among many others. Full-color TFT wide-screen displays (Bar Type TFT) are widely used in the market.

Full Specifications

4.3" 800 x 130 Normally Black Bar Type TFT Display

(part # PDIS043HWV104EN-FC63)
Display Resolution800 x 130
Module Size120.70 x 30.00 x 4.32 mm
Active Area108.00 x 17.55 mm
Contrast Ratio1000
Contrast Ratio1000
Touch PanelCTP
Brightness800 nits
Display TypeNormally Black
Driver ICST7262

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