Part No. Outline Size
W x H x T (mm)
Active Area
W x H (mm)
Driver IC Resolution Color Brightness Interface Driving Method PDF
1.19" AT1195AM2
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66.44*66.44*0.77 65.44*65.44 RM67162 390RGB*390 16.7M 450 MIPI SPI Active Matrix PDF
1.39" AT1392AM1 B
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38.6 *40.5 35.4 *35.4 Raydium RM69080 400*400 16.7M 300 MIPI Active Matrix PDF
1.39" AT1392AM1 BCP
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46*46 38*38 Raydium RM69080 400*400 16.7M 260 MIPI Active Matrix PDF
1.46" AT23901
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33.5*33.5*1.6 26.279*26.284 SSD1351 128RGB*128 262K 90 Parallel / 4-wire SPI Passive Matrix PDF
1.77" AT16812
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42.7* 33.4 * 2.0 35.015 * 28.012 SSD1353 160RGB*128 262K 90 Parallel / 4-wire SPI Passive Matrix PDF
2.95" AT295FMM1
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52.91* 62.58*0.65 50.11* 55.68 RM67295 1080RGB*1200 16.7M 100 MIPI 4 lanes Active Matrix PDF
4.3" AT043QHD3008
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57.26*1.3.87*0.77 53.46 x 95.04 RM69032 540RGB*960 16.7M 300 MIPI Active Matrix PDF
5.0" AT497HAK-01
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65.52*139.32*0.823 61.884 *110.016 RM69052 720RGB*1280 16.7M 365 MIPI 4 lanes Active Matrix PDF
5.5" AT549FMS1
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70.66*128.36*0.64 68.3*121.42 RM67191 1080RGB*1920 16.7M 350 MIPI 4 lanes Active Matrix PDF
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OLED’s are capable of the highest contrast >1000:1 and capable of the widest and fully symmetrical viewing angles.  OLED display are emissive, meaning they create their own full color light without the use of a backlight and traditional color filter as used in TFT technology.  The elimination of the backlight allows thinner overall display package size and the emissive color creation without the color filter enables a much wider color gamut that its TFT counterpart.  OLED are available in both monochrome an full color configurations

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