Phoenix Display International AT295FMM1 is a small-size 2.95 OLED, Organic Light Emitting Display, with a module size of 52.91mm x 62.58mm x 0.65mm and active area of 50.11mm x 55.68mm.  This product is emissive glass with a 262K color  1080RGB x 1200  resolution. Its brightness is 100 nits with a contrast ratio of TBD. Using a RM67295 driver with an 8 bit 8080 system parallel interface and a ziff type flex interconnect. This product offers improved contrast, color saturation and response time. Similar product(s): None. All our color displays products can be modified to be sunlight-readable, and touch panels can added or removed upon request (there may or may not be tooling associated with sunlight readability or touch-panel changes).

2.95" 1080RGB*1200 OLED Display

(part # AT295FMM1)
Display Resolution1080RGB*1200
Module Size52.91* 62.58*0.65
Active Area50.11* 55.68
InterfaceMIPI 4 lanes
Driver ICRM67295
Driving MethodActive Matrix

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