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JYC- 160259C

LCD 16 x 2 Character Display

16x2 Character Display

The JYC-160259C is a 16 x 2 Character Display with a module size of 94.0 x 42.0 x 9.2 and an active area of 76.35 x 15.55. The JYC-160259C 16 x 2 display uses Super Twisted Nematic or Film Compensated Super Twisted Nematic glass and has a reflective, transflective, or transmissive display.

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Part Number JYC-160259C
Format 16 x 2 LCD Display
Module Size 94.0 x 42.0 x 9.2
Character Size 3.9 x 7.55
Active Area 76.35 x 15.55
Glass Type STN,FSTN
Backlight System LED
Display Type R,TF,TM


16 x 2 Character Display

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