Monochrome LCD Displays

When looking for a cost-effective LCD display solution capable of displaying text, Icons or full graphics look no further than the Phoenix Display monochrome line.

Monochrome displays are the most cost effective way of displaying content. The benefits of monochrome over color are as follows:

  • Lower product costs
  • Lowers tooling costs
  • More flexibility in the customization of the design (with the exception of Mono TFT)
  • Less demand on processing power
  • Lower power consumption

Character LCD Display modules are an efficient and effective solution for displaying text only for a variety of applications in any number of products. Our in-house engineering team can assess and replace your current Character LCD Display or build a Custom LCD Display for use in your project or product. With 30+ standard character LCD Displays in stock, plus any custom solutions available, Phoenix Display can provide the display solution you want at the price you need.

When your project or product is in need of increased graphical content capabilities and performance, look to the graphic LCD Displays from Phoenix Display International.

Our Graphic LCD Display modules allow you to customize each individual pixel to display both text and graphical images simultaneously. Let our in-house team of engineers assess your current graphic LCD solution and suggest one of our standard models, or we can design a Custom LCD Display module capable of displaying both text and images in a monochromatic format

And finally PDI’s Monochrome TFT LCDs provide a high performance solution for industrial and automotive instrumentation, audio/visual displays and industrial devices that do not require full color. They offer an excellent contrast ratio, high resolution, wide viewing angles, fast response time, sunlight readability and wide operating temperatures.

View our selection of monochrome TFT LCD displays or contact Phoenix Display International for a custom LCD/TFT quote response in less than 24 hours.

Not EXACTLY what you need? We specialize in custom and semi-custom display solutions. Contact us about creating something that fits your exact specifications.

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