Phoenix Display International, Inc

At Phoenix Display International, we believe that education is vital to success in business.

Our team is comprised of graduates with degrees in engineering, marketing, and mathematics and we are thankful for the formal education they received and we recognize the obstacles they had to overcome to accomplish this.

Keith Mitnik a graduate from Arizona State University  and Joe Sidoryk a graduate from Illinois at Champaign Urbana & MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Program have been fortunate enough to leverage their formal education to help solve the LCD problems of countless businesses worldwide.

Phoenix Display International wants to make a serious impact in the lives of students who today face greater financial obstacles than ever. Our hope is that by getting involved and giving back that not only will the lives of the individuals chosen be effected, but Phoenix Display International also hopes to impact the future of the community and the business landscape within it.

Phoenix Display is confident that by investing in our youth, our world’s future will continue to move in a positive direction.

The Phoenix Display International Scholarship will be awarded to two unique individuals in the amount of $250 each semester to be used toward their chosen college tuition or purchasing of books and other school supplies necessary to excel in the classroom. The first scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior, and the second will be awarded to a college student. All applying applicants must describe the way they foresee using technology to impact our world.

Keep it Short and Sweet! This must be done in 750 words or less

To be considered please-Email your essay to

The winner must meet the following criteria, in addition to best answering the above topic in 750 words or less:


  1. Be a high school senior planning to further their education with formal schooling at a community college or university OR
  2. Be a college student with a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester
  3. Demonstrate dedication to leadership and education throughout the community


  • Two $250 cash scholarships will be awarded.
  • The winners will be awarded based on the ability to demonstrate an understanding of technology and how it can effect the world in a positive way
  • Submission deadlines: August 1, 2015 (Fall) and December 1, 2015 (Spring)